Nehemiah Global Initiative NGI

What is the Nehemiah Global Initiative (NGI)?


NGI is a global Nonprofit Organization established by missionary Kenneth Bae who was detained in North Korea for 2 years. It was founded in 2016 to protect vulnerable refugees of various nationalities and ethnicities. NGI’s Seoul headquarters was established in October 2017, and since then has ceaselessly worked to remember 25 million North Koreans and help North Korean refugees to physically and spiritually reestablish new lives in South Korea.









After they told me this, I sat down. And I cried. During many days, I was very sad. I did not eat or drink. I prayed to God. I prayed, ‘Oh Lord, God of heaven, you are great and powerful. You are so great that I cannot come near you. You always keep your promises to the people that you have chosen. You do this because you love them. But they must love and obey you.
Nehemiah 1:4-5

Then the LORD will always be your guide. He will give to you plenty of everything, in a country where the sun is burning everything. And he will make your bodies strong. You will become like a garden that has plenty of water. You will be like a well where the water never stops coming. You will build again the old places that the enemy destroyed. And you will build the old houses again. People will call you “The Person who Mends Broken Walls” and “The Person who Builds Again Streets with Houses”.

Isaiah 58:11-12
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North Koreans Refugees free from suffering.