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If you have difficulties in paying by credit card (Paypal), you can send money directly by wire transfer to the following account.

Send checks to
   For tax benefit from the US
   Nehemiah Global Initiative (NGI)
   3578 Hartsel Dr, Ste E-622
   Colorado Springs CO 80920
   United States

Bank Transfer
   For tax benefit from the US 
   ▪  Bank: Chase Bank
   ▪  Accnt. No.: 320269076
   ▪  Accnt. Holder: Nehemiah Global Initiative
   ▪  Routing(ABA) No.: 111000614
   ▪  Bank Branch: Richardson, TX

   For tax benefit from Hong Kong 
   ▪  Bank: HSBC
   ▪  Accnt. No.: 848-229647-838
   ▪  Accnt. Holder: Oiktos Limited
     ◦ Send copy of transaction receipt to NGI Hong Kong
     ◦ NGI HK +852-6010-0100 / ngi.hkg@gmail.com

   For tax benefit from South Korea 
   ▪  Bank: KEB Hana Bank
   ▪  Accnt. No.: 164-890042-65438
   ▪  Accnt. Holder: NGI
   ▪  Bank Branch: Sinjeong-dong
   ▪  Bank Tel: +82-2-2646-1111

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Your donation can make North Koreans and
North Koreans Refugees free from suffering.