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For tax benefit from the US
Payable to Nehemiah Global Initiative (NGI)
15642 Sand Canyon Ave #50043
Irvine, CA 92619 USA
How to donate by bank transfer
For tax receipt in the US (USD)
Bank: Chase Bank
Accnt. No.: 320269076
Accnt. Holder: Nehemiah Global Initiative
Routing(ABA) No.: 111000614
Bank Branch: Richardson, TX
For tax receipt in Hong Kong (HKD)
Bank: HSBC
Accnt. No.: 848-229647-838
Accnt. Holder: Oiktos Limited
Send copy of transaction receipt to NGI Hong Kong
NGI HK +852-6010-0100 /
Transfer from overseas (for other currencies)
Bank: KEB Hana Bank
Accnt. No.: 164-890042-65438
Accnt. Holder: NGI
Bank Branch: Sinjeong-dong
Bank Tel: +82-2-2646-1111
Donation from South Korea (KRW)
Bank: KEB Hana Bank
Accnt. No.: 164-890058-38004
Accnt. Holder:느헤미야 글로벌 이니셔티브(NGI)
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