Other Programs
Nehemiah Scholarship Fund
NGI is raising funds to provide scholarships to North Korean refugee students. These scholarships help the North Korean refugees who wish to continue their studies but are short of money. They also empower the students in both intelligence and spirituality, thus training them as leaders of the next generation, like Nehemiah in the Bible.

Hanawon regular visitation
Every two months, NGI visits Hanawon (an organization affiliated with the Ministry of Unification). Hanawon provides North Korean refugees with three months of social adaption education. The program aims to stabilize emotions, eliminate cultural disparities, and motivate North Korean refugees' social and economic independence after the joint questioning from several agencies (National Intelligence Service, etc.) when arriving in South Korea
North Korean Refugee Home Visits
NGI counselors visit families of North Korean refugees who are newly settled in South Korea to provide personalized support, share lives together, and offer them practical help.
NGI Healing Retreat
The Nehemiah Healing Retreat provides North Korean refugees who are seeking a relationship with Christ with an experience where they can get to know God better through shared devotions, eating, and having fellowship time with other Christians. Through various programs, including worship, sightseeing, and time in nature, they are offered an opportunity to be restored spiritually, physically, and emotionally.
NGI Counseling Center
Through professional Christian counseling, we help North Korean refugees be restored spiritually and emotionally to adapt to their South Korean community more effectively.