[D-5]I realized for the first time in my life - I am loved
2021/07/29 04:30 pm
Greetings to all faithful supporters! Despite the heatwave and rainy season, the 2021 NES (Nehemiah English School) summer semester is progressing well. We thank the encoura
👩‍🎓[#BeANehemiah]Even in this hot summer, the school is running!👨‍🎓
2021/06/30 01:00 am
Hello, $%name%$, Greetings from Missionary Kenneth Bae, After a three-month refreshing and revitalizing sabbatical, I will return to Korea in early July, with renewed strength, pow
[2021 Summer] NGI Summer Ministries🌊
2021/06/16 05:00 pm
Hello, greetings from Kenneth Bae. During the first month of my three-month sabbatical, I rested in the University of the Nations, located in Kona, Hawaii. I am currently in the
2020 NGI Annual Report
2021/04/02 04:00 pm
Publishing the annual report Dear Fellow Partners, thank you! Greetings to you all. Though 2020 was very difficult, not only for us, but for many others around the world, it has a
#Annual Report, #2020
"It changed my perspective to see my life":NES
2021/03/18 04:00 am
Nehemiah English School (NES) recently presented seven-week English Discipleship Training School.This program was such a precious and fruitful time spent in fellowship and learning
Please stand with David who will fulfill the calling of establishing churches in Cheongjin
2021/02/02 01:00 pm
Hello, $%name%$, I am David Kim from Cheongjin, North Hamgyong Province. I escaped from North Korea in January 2008. Now I am a father of a child and a self-funding (which means I