What is NGCC doing these days?😉
2022/10/21 05:00 pm
Hello, Dear partners! NGCC is continuing its ministry for North Korean refugees thanks to your prayers and encouragement. We really appreciate it!
#Nehemiah Youth Club, #Young Adult
[Nletter-24] As if it takes 10 months for a life to be born …👶
2022/09/26 05:00 pm
Dear brothers and sisters! In 2017, NGI was ecstatic to embrace North Korean refugees as if a mother gives birth to a child. In 2018, ‘Nehemiah Global Community Center’
[New Korea English Camp] I am my own guardian. "Student name: Yang Eunshim, Guardian name: Yang Eunshim"
2022/07/15 05:00 pm
Hello This NGI! We are continuing the summer semester in spite of the rainy and hot weather. We are joyfully continuing the preparation for the upcoming New Korea English Camp!
#Nehemiah English Reunification Camp
[Nletter-22] We are sharing with you, a testimony from Chaney, a missionary from USA
2022/06/22 05:00 pm
Three interns came to Korea all the way from the United States to serve as teachers at both English School (6/28 – 7/22) and New Korea English Camp. They will be staying with us
[Nletter-21] if reunification occurs..?😲
2022/06/03 05:00 pm
We are here to introduce you to New Korea English Camp 2022, where the next generations of NK refugees, Diaspora Koreans, and South Koreans come together to build NewKorea.
[N-Letter Vol.19] Please support the 60 students at Nehemiah English School!
2022/05/01 05:00 pm
This is missionary Kenneth Bae. We had an empowering kickoff to the spring semester for all 60 students enrolled in this semester’s programming. I appreciate all your prayers for