NGI News Letter - vol.9 (2019 Summer News)

Dear Partner,
Blessings and peace to you all. 
We recently celebrated Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving day. For most North Korean refugees, this is a time of sorrow, as they are long separated from their families still living in North Korea. So, some of our NGI staff members invited several North Korean neighbors into their homes for the holiday. By sharing a meal and spending time together, we were reminded of how important it is that we continue to reach out and care for every one of our North Korean brothers and sisters. 
Currently, there are approximately 5,000 people that have signed up for the Nehemiah One Million Prayer Petition ( We aspire to be the voice for the voiceless, to hold the people of North Korea in our hearts and minds, and to pray that God's will be done on the peninsula. It is through prayer that we have the greatest petitioning power with the Almighty God. Our goal is to reach 10,000 prayer partners by the end of the year. With this in mind, we invite you to sign up for and join us in prayer and commitment to the 25 million people in North Korea, the 100,000 in various other countries, and the estimated 33,000 living in South Korea. We cannot do this alone. Let's get the movement going and spread prayers to every corner on earth. Please invite your friends and family to join us as well by signing up on our website.
Another mission focuses on teaching and training the next generation of North and South Korean to be the seeds of revival on the peninsula. As part of our programming, we work to improve their English skills, foster their spiritual growth, and offer programs where they can grow together into a community of believers. It was done through our summer NERC camp, youth retreat, and Nehemiah scholarships. Nehemiah scholarship offers low-income North Korea students financial support, creating a path to hope, bolstering their spiritual and visionary journey so that they can meet their life calling for the Glory of God. We are about to provide our first scholarship to Joseph, a 29-year-old North Korean refugee, starting a masters degree in the UK. His vision is to play a pivotal role in HR Management when reunification happens.
As God raised Nehemiah for the restoration of Jerusalem, we want to continue working together through prayer and commitment, to see new leaders rise with pure hearts for the Lord, who will be able to build a new Korea.  I am so deeply blessed and encouraged by your continued support and partnership with NGI. I look forward to what God will do in the coming months and year and am so glad that we can work and share in these wonders together.
Kenneth Bae

2019 Nehemiah English Reunification Camp (NERC) 

"Let us Rise up and Build - Nehemiah 2:18" 

From July 26th to August 3rd, NGI held the "2019 Nehemiah English Reunification Camp" with 34 youth and young adults from North Korean, 15 youth and young adults from South Korea, and about 80 volunteers and staffs from the U.S, Brazil, Hong Kong, China, etc. gathered at the campus of University of the Nations, Jeju for nine days and eight nights. Eight North Korean students came to accept Jesus as their own personal Savior through worship, one one one and small group sharing time. Every participant committed to stand together with North Korean refugees and people in North Korea through this NERC.
Story of 2019 NERC
Hanawon Visit & One-on-One Fellowship with North Korean Refugees
NGI practically helps North Korean refugees who newly settle down to adapt in South Korea without any difficulties. NGI visits Hanawon every two months to be their friends and provide them with useful information before leaving Hanawon.
You can find out more about our restore ministry in June and August on our NGI website. Please pray together with NGI that the North Korean refugees and their children that we met will be able to adapt to Korean society, be restored, and have their identity established in God.
Nehemiah English School (NES)
Since June 2019, NGI has conducted English classes twice a week with summer interns from the University of Chicago, focusing on reading, grammar, listening and English conversation for North Korean refugees to help them adjust in the society of South Korea.
Please pray these North Korean refugees to overcome fear in learning English and they will soar higher in this society. NGI always welcomes those who want to volunteer and mentor for Nehemiah English School. You can apply for ENGLISH TEACHING on our website or write to us at [email protected] 
NGI Internship Program
NGI conducts internship programs every vacation. This summer, for two months from the end of June, three students from the University of Chicago in the U.S. finished their summer internship program at NGI. This spring, the interns who were selected through paper screening and online interviews had time to develop their individual capabilities in various fields, including marketing, IT, and video editing, as well as the various field offered by the University of Chicago.
If you wish to participate in our internship program for your college/university program, please contact us at [email protected]  
Read interns' review

2019 Reunification Vision Trip 
From August 26th to 31st, 7 NGI staffs, 5 young adults from World Mission church, two Hong Kong supporters and 1 North Korean refugee went to Dalian, Dandong, and Changbai mountain in China. This vision trip made all the NGI staffs confirm what God's heart is upon North Korea.
Through this trip, we spent time developing concrete vision practically through seeing North Korea's living condition which is visible beyond the Chinese territory. Above all, we prayed for unification and the passage of the gospel into North Korean territory with our North Korean refugee's sister, who is from North Korea. It was also a time to seek the grace and mercy of God so that we could see unification as soon as possible on the Korean Peninsula. We encourage you to that NGI will be dedicated to discovering and implementing the vision we captured through this reunification vision trip in North Korea-China borders. 
More on 2019 Reunification Vision Trip
Nehemiah One Million Prayer Petition
As of August 2019, 4,826 people (from 64 countries,  776 cities) have signed the ‘Nehemiah One Million Prayer Petition’.
Your prayers can change North Korea!
We invite you to sign our Nehemiah One Million Prayer Petition. 
The Never-Ending Prayer Torch,
Nehemiah Prayer Meeting
We gather weekly every Tuesday evening to pray for the unification of North Korea and the Korean Peninsula in the hope of God.
We invite you to join us in this place of grace among North Korean refugees, South Koreans, Diaspora, and people from all over the world. 
Every Tuesday 7:30PM
Nehemiah Global Community Center 
(3F, 341, Sinwol-ro, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea)
Sea Route Project  
With your sincere heart and love, NGI had sent out rice bottles including Bible, rice, and love letters to North Korea through the sea route over three times (June 3rd, July 3rd, and August 16th). In particular, we had a meaningful time in the Sea Route project, not only with NGI staffs, but also with foreign friends from the other side of the globe, sharing their love for North Korea. 
If you want to join our Sea Route Project, please contact NGI (+82-2-363-8488/[email protected])