2021 Spring Newsletter-vol.12


Dear $%name%$, Spring Newsletter from NGI!🌼

Hello, beloved prayer warrior! This is Joy Park writing to you today. I have worked with NGI for five incredible years, since receiving God’s vision to establish a school in North Korea that helps students discover their original design and purpose in God when North Korea opens.
It seems like we just started this work yesterday, but time has flown by and it has been an amazing time of growth because of your love and support. 
Five years ago, NGI was established by just a small group of people with a unified heart for North Korea. When the One Million Prayer Petition Campaign started, God continued to call hearts to the cause which allowed us to launch the Rescue, Restore, and Rebuild Campaigns. Through these campaigns we have been able to send thousands of bottles containing rice and bibles into North Korea, have rescued 110 refugees, hosted four English Reunification Camps, two seasons of Nehemiah North Korea Mission School, and more. These programs have allowed us to share God’s love with North Korean refugees and their children. 
Two years ago, God gave us the vision to focus on the education of North Korean refugees presently in their teens, twenties, and thirties, preparing them to be compassionate leaders and visionary rebuilders, like Nehemiah. Now, the time has come for us to hand over the important Remember, Rescue, and Restore ministries to NKRelief, and in turn focus our efforts on building Nehemiah English School, an international educational missions program providing holistic education and spiritual nurturing through a structured curriculum and seasonal programming.
Because of your unwavering prayers and support we have been able to stand firm on our journey of new beginnings and changes, challenges, obstacles, spiritual battles, and pains, and blessings. We are so filled with gratitude and appreciation and feel confident that we will be able to continue standing firm, praying, acting, growing, obeying, and fulfilling God’s Will. 
We hope that the past five years of your life have given you much joy, growth, and opportunities amidst the difficulties, worries, and struggles. As members of our family, we want you to know that you are loved and appreciated, and we are praying for you as you have prayed for us.
There is no doubt that it was your prayers, support, and donations that enabled us to tirelessly serve and love the North Korean refugee families.
This newsletter has been designed and organized to deliver news and information to you in a more intimate and detailed manner, organized into three parts: our ministries (English Semester Programs), news, and family announcements (stories of volunteers worldwide).
I personally hope this newsletter not only fills your heart with joy and gladness but also stirs your soul to pray for the people and ministries involved in NGI.
In Christ,
Joy Park
April 28th, 2021

A leading company in the processed rice product market, Chil-Gab Nongsan(CEO Lee Young-Joo) donated 152 boxes of gift sets each containing 4 packs of ddeok guk ddeok (medallion rice noodles for making soups), and 6 packs of beef broth for NGI families. Not only did all the staff unload them together at the center, but we also sent out 50 boxes of gift sets to students who work and study far from us.  
Contents of the NGI News ▼: 
Rice noodles donation / Broadcast on radio channels / New support from a German organization

Nehemiah English School (NES), launched in March 2020, provides the next generation of North Korean Refugee students a holistic education through intensive English classes, biblically-based mentoring and counseling, worship, and fellowship. NES aims to provide a fundamental English education as well as foundational skills that help students resettle as healthy, well-rounded Korean citizens able to build close, trusting relationships with one another and within their communities. Despite the limitations and restrictions of CoVID-19, we have continued to grow, receive inquiries, and requests to enroll in our educational program. 

Contents of the NES ministry▼: 
New teachers, Winter semester / Spring semester / Feedbacks from NES volunteers

“Ring, ring, ring~ Thank you for calling Nehemiah Global Initiative~!” 
“Hello! I am calling because my church wants to help NGI with its North Korea ministry.”
Gospel City Church has been helping NGI with NES ministry since this spring...

Hallelujah! The Nehemiah scholarship fundraising, in which we asked for prayer and support, reached the goal. As the fundraising reached the goal, we deliver scholarships to the students on the 15th of every month since March. NGI raises and delivers scholarships for North Korean refugee students. These scholarships are used to continue North Korean refugee students who struggle with financial difficulties and used as valuable support to raise the students as the leader of the next generation, like Nehemiah, who had both spirituality and intelligence.

Missionary Kenneth Bae and his family on Sabbatical
Missionary Kenneth Bae and his wife are on a three-month sabbatical after 4 years of restless ministry. They are currently at YWAM Kona base in Hawaii, resting their bodies, minds, and souls. We hope all the areas that have been exhausted will be filled and renewed. 

We also hope that they will meet God even deeper. During this period, we will have time to evaluate past ministry and redefine our way forward. 
Please pray for missionary Kenneth Bae and his wife, as they are visiting churches, groups, and individuals in the United States and sharing NGI visions, requesting prayers and cooperation during their sabbatical. Yet, they may get rest to regain strength both physically and spiritually. I hope missionary Kenneth Bae and Lydia Bae will have time to gather their strength, catch their breath and run again.
Contents of the NGI family▼: 
Baby shower / New staff of NGI

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