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N letter vol. 13
Dear brothers, and sisters in Christ! This is Kenneth Bae.
Nehemiah English School (NES) has begun, and the school is already in its 8th semester. Currently, six teachers are instructing nine courses. They serve North Korean refugee students by teaching English, leading English worship sessions, conducting Bible verse memorization sessions, and sharing their lives and prayers with the students.
The Nehemiah English Kids Club was created specifically for elementary schoolers. These students have an enriched, dynamic, and spirit-filled time every Friday afternoon with the word of God, praises, arts & crafts, and small group gatherings.
NES started with the need to nurture genuine, passionate Christian leaders who can spread the Gospel and exert influence in the era of unification.
Since knowing God is the foundation of all knowledge, NES teaches a biblical worldview centered around God. In addition, we meet, educate, and nurture students every day, every week, and every hour with English instruction. English proficiency is the most necessary tool to help North Korean refugee students excel in other academic classes and find future employment.
In addition to improving students' English skills, NES aims to spread the love of the Lord and Gospel and nurture them as competent, holistic disciples of the Lord required in the era of globalization.
Please continually pray for NES and North Korean refugee students to excel in their education and build valuable relationships with God, society, and people. 
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🌱Dear partners, we appreciate you taking the time to read the letter. We hope and pray that you'll have a spirit-filled week, And see you again next month!