[N-Letter Vol.19] Please support the 60 students at Nehemiah English School!
"50% Fundraising completed! / 50% More to go!"
19th story 2022.05.11
Greetings! Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ


 This is missionary Kenneth Bae. We had an empowering kickoff to the spring semester for all 60 students enrolled in this semester’s programming. I appreciate all your prayers for each of the students, asking that they continue to grow as a children of God through fellowship with Christ.


 Report on School Progress 
   The Spring Semester has begun at Nehemiah English School with 31 students and 8 volunteers. They meet two hours per week to conduct small group classes, participate in English Conversation Class, and participate in 1:1 sessions with volunteers. These precious sessions offer opportunities to share their lives with one another and share God’s love.

   Our students are all from various skill levels, from beginners to those preparing for TOEIC test and studying the Bible in English. Because of this range we have created six customized courses, both online and in-person. This has allowed us to also reach out and serve students in non-metropolitan areas like Busan, Daejeon, Jeju, and Sejong.

  Student Feedback

"Firstly, I would like to say how much I appreciate all of you working for and supporting NGI. I have started the semester with a sole purpose of learning English. However, through reading the Bible and listening to praises before the classes, I have started experiencing a change in myself. There has become a desire in my heart to know God better through not only English class, but also through Bible studies and memorizing the Scriptures." 

-Student H

"NES gave me an opportunity to improve my English skills. Furthermore, it was an iireplaceable time praising God and reading the Bible. This helped me a great deal to get to know the BIble and become motivated to live my life with more responsibility and gratitude. Thanks to the serving hands of those at NES, I have had a change to think about how to live a life of service" - Student A

"I could practice and train my English skills! The passionate and committed teachers at NES taught me a lot. Also, the times at the school were very heartwarming thanks to their serving hands."- Student K


   Our initial fundraising goal for NES to be successfully completed was $24,000 USD. (Approx 24,000,000 KRW). While half of the goal amount was raised through generous donations, the other half still needs to be raised.


  In order for 60 current students to complete their semester, we need to raise $200 per student (200,000 KRW). Please sponsor a student today! 


   We sincerely hope and pray that the NES spring semester provides an opportunity to the students to improve their English skills and be fostered into becoming Nehemiahs of today through English classes and spiritual training.
   We ask you for your prayers and support as God’s working hands in the lives of North Korean refugee youth, building new lives in 2022!
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*Prayer for School*

          In closing, please give us a few minutes of your time to read and pray with us!

We praise God for doing His marvelous work in us!


Dear Lord, we pray for the 60 currently enrolled students in the spring semester of NES. We pray that this semester turns out to be the time for the students to experience improvement in their English language abilities. Upholding the Message you gave us, we pray that this also becomes a time for the students to grow as your children. We also ask that you put your hands over the students, the teachers, and the administrators, and supporters of NES and NGI so that the Gospel is heard through all encounters with the students, that the non-Christian students experience and come to believe Jesus through all the courses, including discipleship trainings, and that Christian students grow even deeper in their relationship with the Lord. Lastly, we pray that the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the grace of God are poured over all the volunteers and staff members serving NES this semester.

 In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Nehemiah Global Initiative (NGI)
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