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[N-Letter Vol.20]$%name%$, please support the New Korea English
20th story 2022.06.03
Dear partner😊,
We are here to introduce you to New Korea English Camp 2022,
where the next generations of NK refugees, Diaspora Koreans, and South Koreans come together to build NewKorea.
The NERC (Nehemiah English Reunification Camp) from three years ago has newly transformed into the NKEC (New Korea English Camp) where the next generation of NK Refugees, South Korean teenagers as well as Diaspora Koreans (Chinese-North Korean students; and Korean refugees living in Russia and countries that were previously a part of the USSR (e.g. Ukraine, Kazakhstan…) come together to worship, prepare for the reunification, and learn English. We look forward to having teenage students refine their identity in Christ and grow as a leader like Nehemiah in the reunified Korea era.
NERC 2019 Highlight Clip
Regardless of their age, many NK refugee students jump right into the workforce instead of continuing their education because they need to survive in the South Korean society where competitions are overly emphasized and to rescue their relatives that are left back in North Korea.
 Even if they have an opportunity to continue their education, gaps in languages – especially English – and financial difficulties complicate them to complete the education. It is like a dream for us to assist the students to learn English and plan for their future.
We invited you to our NKEC mission.
Many NK refugee students accepted Christ and grew their visions that God planned for each individual at the camp in 2017, 2018, and 2019 which was enabled by your prayers and financial support of you.
comments from 2019 NERC students
NK teenage refugees who are in financial difficulties need our help. A small seed you plant will become an initiative for them to hear about the gospel and to grow their vision God has for them.
※All seed donations will contribute to registration fees for camps for the next generations.
The theme of NKEC 2022 is 'I am Nehemiah!' Nehemiah reconstructed collapsed wall back in Jerusalem to obey God during his time as a Babylon slave and helped the Israelites to restore the relationship with the Lord.
The next generation of North Korean refugees and diaspora Koreans became 'Nehemiah for this generation' with the keywords of unification and English for 7 nights and 8 days with volunteers from various countries around the world. It opens a place of worship and festival where the people of the land dream of restoring their relationship with God and realizing a unified Korea together.
Partners, please send participants, serve as volunteers, and participate as sponsors.
comments from 2019 NERC volunteers
The camp is recruiting 100 students and 50 volunteers. So far, 74 students and 30-40 volunteers have decided to participate, including 58 North Korean refugees (60 are expected to be recruited), 8 Korean refugees living in Russia, and 8 South Korean students.
And we urgently ask for your financial support so that North Korean refugees who cannot participate due to financial difficulties can participate in the camp. We need a scholarship of $51,000 USD($850 USD per person) for 60 student of North Korean refugees!
Dear $%name%$, please plant the seed at your church or home! Through this, send the next generation of North Korean refugees to the NKEC camp, where they will be established as Nehemiahs in the era of reunification!
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2019 NERC Student & Volunteer Testimonials Video
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