[New Korea English Camp] I am my own guardian. "Student name: Yang Eunshim, Guardian name: Yang Eunshim"
$%name%$, please consider becoming a guardian for Eunshim, a yo
N-Letter 22th story 2022.07.10
Hello, this is NGI! 😊

NGI is continuing the summer semester in spite of the rainy and hot weather. We are also joyfully continuing the preparation for the upcoming New Korea English Camp!

   Many applications from students to NKEC (New Korea English Camp) are submitted by parents. And, it is very noticeable that many students left blanks for their names or their guardians’ names empty.

   While Korean society is difficult enough for adults to endure, it breaks our hearts to see that the teenager and young adult North Korean refugees have to sustain themselves in the midst of their livelihoods and education without any guardians. When interacting with NK refugees, we can be easily surprised by seeing variable differences in language, culture, politics, economy, education, and society between North and South Korea.

   We sincerely ask that you consider becoming a guardian at the NKEC camp for those who live and work tirelessly in the realities of such society.


   When you decide to serve as a guardian of a young refugee at NKEC, the student will be able to experience the love of God the Father, our eternal guardian through worship and sermon in a safe place.


   Please consider supporting the refugees as a reliable supporter so each individual can grow as a Nehemiah of the era in the name of Jesus Christ as opposed to remaining as a lonely teenager who is constantly challenged from the reality.


   The participation and airfare amount to 850,000 Korean won in total for each North Korean refugee. We hope that your heart to serve and to donate come together to be connected with all 60 refugees and that they can experience God the Father, the saver to all.


   Thankfully, since the last fundraising letter, we have raised USD 21,700 $. Please pray for us as we still need to raise another USD 29,300$ for 34 others like Eunshim.


   Please support us so that North Korean refugees of the next generation can be raised up as Nehemiahs of the next generation, for the churches, households, and communities that they are a part of.

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New Korea English Camp

   An eight-day, seven-night reunification camp will be held on Jeju Island from July 30. We are preparing through prayer and looking forward to meeting many students and volunteers.πŸ™


   New Korea English Camp, where North Koreans, Korean diaspora, and South Koreans can meet together in unity!


   So far 60 North Korean refugees have registered, and 100 students will be able to experience unification through this precious time.


   We pray that many North Korean teenagers and youth refugees will meet God through this camp.

Nahyeon (20 y/o, fake name), NKEC attendee and NK refugee story #1

   Hello, I am Nahyeon Jang, twenty years old. Since five years ago, I have attended NKEC for three consecutive years and also plan to attend the camp this summer!


   While I did not go to church before, I met God the first time five years ago through English Camp, and after evangelizing to my nonbeliever mother, we are now attending church together every week :-) I am excited to see how God who always blesses will reveal Himself this year at the camp!

Eunhee (28 y/o, fake name), NKEC attendee and NK refugee story #2

   Hello, I am Eunhee Kim and I am happily enrolled in 2022 Summer semester at Nehemiah English School! Through the school, I found out about NGI! It may be my first time going to the camp, but I watched a highlight clip from the camp last year and was so inspired by the song called “Flowers” (Japanese worship song) in the background of the video. Then I decided to register without any hesitation! As I see the love from the English School, I feel that my English skills and faith are growing daily! I’m really looking forward to growing even further at the camp :D

 The four week-long English school semester began last week of June, and the teachers (NGI staff, volunteers, and interns) are serving the North Korean refugee students together. The students are acquiring English language proficiency as much as they spend time finding out more about God through the discipleship training which is fruitfully and simultaneously taking place.

   Please pray for this semester and that it can be a time where the students can grow in passion for learning and can give thanks to the Lord through the classes and discipleship training.