What is NGCC doing these days?😉
NLetter 25th Story 2022.10.21
Hello, Dear partners!

NGCC is continuing its ministry for North Korean refugees thanks to your prayers and encouragement. We really appreciate it! 

Today, we will tell you stories of North Korean refugee students and Disciple Training School (DTS) students, “Worship Night” held together with our volunteer workers, and “Nehemiah English School” where our volunteer Lasharae teaches.


| September 29th~ November 10th Every Thursday 4PM~9PM

9 DTS students and leaders on outreach from YWAM in Kona, Hawaii are holding a worship night every Thursday at NGCC. The outreach team is spreading God’s love to the refugee students through worship, prayers, and deep testimonies.

God allowed all of us gathered at the worship night to experience becoming one through the Holy Spirit, transcending language, culture, and talent. God’s love runs through and unites all things in the world. When we see the refugee students waiting for the worship night every Thursday, our hearts beat with them.

“Although I didn’t go to church much, the testimonies I heard at church felt like a textbook. However, the testimony I heard today felt as if it came alive! I could feel the honest and truthful heart which made me think, ‘Ah! God is alive!’

-North Korean refugee student J-


“Although we cannot fully communicate, I can feel that they are treating us without any prejudice and loving us full-heartedly. They tell us God exists and made us know why we must believe in God. I am excited and looking forward for worship.

-North Korean refugee student K-

The start of Fall Nehemiah English School!
| Every Week Tuesday ~ Thursday 1PM ~ 6PM

Ms. Lasharae has come from the United States on her own expense as a volunteer teacher for the Nehemiah English School.

She is having a fruitful time with students who need to learn English for future courses such as college entrance and employment. All the students are following well because she has divided class time and material adequately according to each student’s English level.

It is Ms. Lasharae’s second time visiting Korea this year, following last year. She has no connections in Korea, so she is covering all of the expenses on her own.

She carefully told us that it is a practice of love for North Korea that God has given her.

We pray that God will fulfill with great grace for Ms. Lasharae’s precious heart and devotion.

Thank you Ms. Lasharae! :)

Every month, many of our fellow workers visit NGCC.

They come from distant countries, from overseas mission fields, and from various parts of Korea. Acquaintances who have left for studies and immigration also visit us along with the leaders’ teachers and families.

North Korean refugee students visit frequently to study and sometimes just for a quick visit. Their parents also come to discuss their children’s future courses, and sometimes because life is hard.


All of these precious encounters grow at NGCC. 🌱

We thank those who tightly held our hands, those who prayed together with tears, and those who comforted us with love and encouragement. We also thank those who entrusted us with their children, those who share their lives, and those who are living with courage.

We pray to God that precious encounters and seeds of life will continue to grow at NGCC.

North Korean refugee ministry at NGCC is continuing this month through your prayers and support. Thank you very much for joining us in the North Korean refugee ministry.

Please continue to join us in prayer and support so that our ministry does not stop!

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