[Nletter-24] As if it takes 10 months for a life to be born โ€ฆ๐Ÿ‘ถ
Dear brothers and sisters, please join us in lifting our hands u
NLetter 24th story 2022.09.27

   In 2017, NGI was ecstatic to embrace North Korean refugees as if a mother gives birth to a child. In 2018, ‘Nehemiah Global Community Center’ (also known as NGCC) was established in the Yangcheon-gu, where the most North Korean refugees have their homes in metropolitan area.

   We had to endure several times of pain, which felt like they would never end. But NGCC never gave up embracing and loving North Korean refugees so they can be reborn and reestablished by God.

In 2022, NGCC has now become a place of LOVE.

This is now a place where North Korean refugees and volunteers don’t stop knocking on its door. A place where you can come when weary, exhausted, lonely, and missing home. A place where you can bring your loved one, show your newborn baby, and come visit during holidays like it’s their home. A place where you bring a bag of bread and fruits you just bought from a market. NGCC is now a home for many North Korean refugees where they come as a guest one day, as a neighbor the next day, and as a family from then on.

There is learning and growing in NGCC.

It is our goal to establish the North Korean refugee youth into the next Nehemiah in this generation.

We offer English school by level every semester and hold a leadership camp for the participants and graduates from the school. Through the camp, the students who learned and were trained to become the Nehemiah visit different mission organizations and churches to tell their stories, grow in faith, and broaden theirperspectives. Also, regular worship services and Nehemiah Prayer Meeting for the revival in North Korea, discipleship training course, and psychological counseling program help and empower the refugees to experience healing and growth.

NGCC is a real place for the Gospel, newborn life, and faith. NGCC is beyond its tangible values and needs to be protected and maintained with our hearts, mind and strength.

However, NGI is currently in financial hardship.

As the operation of NGCC includes monthly rent fees and utility expenses like electricity, water, and internet bills. The fees are now 3 months overdue. If this problem is not solved, NGCC may have to close in the worst-case scenario.

When NGI was started, God gave a definite mission to it.

NGCC was established with the goal of working on this God-given mission.

NGCC will be used as a place to embrace, restore, and rebuild the lives of North Korean refugees until the day of reunification.

When that day comes, God will say “Let us go”, and we will march into North Korea, with the Nehemiah we established, to rebuild the East Jerusalem and restore God’s Kingdom in the country.


We urgently, sincerely plead you to join us in prayer, petition, and donation on this journey. We do not know when exactly God’s timing for this is, but we keep fighting and praying in faith to endure and overcome the times of trials and struggles. We believe that God will take care of NGCC until the end, and for this, we will stop when He says stop, and we will go when He says go.

God gave NGI a specific mission to raise up the Nehemiah for this generation. NGCC is a place where the Nehemiah is reborn and grows to become who God calls him/her to be.

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