[N:letter_vol.14]Please, provide Hyeyeon with a warm meal as a gift.๐Ÿš
Please, provide Hyeyeon with a warm meal as a gift.๐Ÿš

N letter vol.14 2021.November.26
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ!
Warm greetings from NGI.
Winter has just begun. As the year comes to a close, NGI is preparing an end-of-year celebration to express our gratitude for North Korean refugee students attending English schools and families participating in the English Kids Club.
Suppose you listen to the escape stories of each family and their children from North Korea. In that case, you will experience, at least indirectly, countless testimonies and pressing situations that cannot be overlooked without tension and tears. Among the families of North Korean refugees, some settle well in South Korea. Still, some refugees have difficulties settling down in South Korea, where everything is new and unfamiliar to them.
In the November NGI fundraising letter, we sincerely requested your support by sharing the story of Hyeyeon, a student enrolled in the NES class in the fall of 2021.

Hyeyeon is a 17-year-old North Korean refugee. Hyeyeon often skips meals and turns on the computer to take English class when she returns home from school. Hyeyeon lives on a tight budget and low cost of living. She doesn't seem to find it easy to prepare a proper meal for each day. She often replaces one meal with ramen or instant food. This diet will negatively affect Hyeyeon's health as well as her studies.
Many students taking NES classes, including Hyeyeon, skip meals and travel to the NGI community center for evening classes by taking public transportations for at least an hour after work or school. There is a high percentage of students who settled in South Korea alone without their parents. Many refugee students, who escaped with their mothers only, confront difficulty adjusting to life in Korea and making a living.
As it approaches the end of the year, the season of expressing gratitude and love, NGI invites you to share your love and care by providing a meal for the North Korean refugees. 
A local church near the NGI Community Center has decided to prepare the end of the year celebration filled with gratitude, love, and joy for the families and children of North Korean refugees and the volunteers serving at NGI for the past year. NGI would like to express sincere appreciation to the church and its leadership. 
Through many helping hands, we would like to serve more hearty meals to middle school, high school students, and young adults, like Hyewon, who yearn for a warm and healthy meal. We urge you to join us through prayer and support.
โ€ป The donations will first be provided to Hyeyeon, the most urgent student attending NES, and additional funds will be used to support underprivileged youths attending Nehemiah English School.
[2021 Fall Semester Sponsorship Status]
After the last fundraising letter, about 30% of our donation goal has been raised. NGI still needs 20% of the donation target ($ 7.800) to complete the fall semester.

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