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Nehemiah English School Fundraising Letter
Report of the Last Fundraised
Dear $%name%$! Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. I am Missionary Kenneth Bae. I pray for God’s peace upon your household and work. I would like to thank all who contributed towards Grace’s scholarship in my last email. With your support and prayer, thankfully, all fund has been raised successfully for her scholarship. I would like to express our deep gratitude to all.
Walk with the next generation of NGI’s NK refugees.
Nehemiah English School(NES)
“Let us rise up and build”
(Nehemiah 2:18 ESV) 
When we reflect on our past ministries of NGI in May, we received confirmation and was reminded of God’s calling to NGI to equip NK refugees to be leaders like Nehemiah. To respond to God’s calling for the NK mission, we have launched Nehemiah English School as the first project.
We would like to share our mission with you and invite you to the first step in building this project. We will be raising funds for NES
Why English School?
English is not optional but mandatory for NK refugees to settle down in South Korea. If NK refugees are left behind in education, they might struggle with adjusting to South Korea, and they are more likely to be marginalized. Then, our future for a unified Korea and evangelization will not be crystal clear.

Most NK refugees struggled to continue college education due to their lack of English proficiency. In North Korea, students received English education, but many students gave up on their education due to severe poverty. 
English: The stumbling block

Most NK refugees struggled to continue college education due to their lack of English proficiency. In North Korea, students received English education, but many students gave up on their education due to severe poverty.
In North Korea, I had 50 students in my class. However, half of the students dropped out of school because the school authorities always demand bribes from the students.
NK refugee Ms. Lee(21)
Further more, In North Korea, people do not feel an urgent need to learn English because they have no freedom to travel abroad, so they do not have any chance to converse in English.
Therefore, it is hard for NK refugees to understand some English loanwords commonly used by their South Korean peers. Some universities that many NK refugees are going in South Korea offer lectures in English and 1/3 of lectures are conducted in English. To NK refugees, it is tough to cope with classes explained in English and Korean. 
Nehemiah English School (NES): 
A stepping stone for resettlement
NES provides NK refugees with a holistic education by integrating intensive English classes, Christian counselling, mentoring, and worship and sharing time to raise them as this Generation's Nehemiah.
We strive to provide them with a firm and biblical foundation to resettle down in South Korea. (click ‘here' to know more about NES programs).
At first, I knew only a few people when I came to South Korea. However, through this summer program, I got to know the teachers. They became like family and friends. They not only give me an English lecture but also build a relationship to share personal life. While sharing my daily life with teachers, my writing and speaking skills also improved. -NES NK refugee Yeon Ju-
I thank God for the opportunity to connect with a student. We had a different life story and background, yet God made us meet and share our lives. It was very special. -NES volunteer Jack-
The most favourite and rewarding part of the mentoring program was to share the Gospel with a student. We prayed together. It was my privilege to witness one person realized God’s love and accepted Jesus Christ as his or her savior. I gained confidence through the teaching process. All of the experiences I had in this program were blessings to me.  -NES volunteer Caroline- 
NES can continue our calls and mission for NK refugees through prayers and contributions of all English teachers, volunteers, brothers, and sisters who carry the heart of God for NK. NES is a Christian community to witness God’s grace and work through NK refugees.
NES will focus on 1. English education 2. Discipleship.3. We will commit to empowering the next generations to be like Nehemiah, who has God’s call to rebuildPyongyang, which was once called Jerusalem of the East.
We need your prayer and financial support to bring the Life to NK refugees and nurturing them as new leaders in a unified Korea. Please be part of God’s work to rebuild the wall and God’s dwelling place in North Korea.
There are many NK refugees still wandering without finding true freedom and truth. Many are still marginalized, unable to receive proper education and care. We would like to extend our hands to them.
We can hope together for God’s kingdom, bring solutions to these problems, stand together, and move forward with you.
Please stand with NK refugees and hold their hands.
Help them realize they are no longer alone; indeed, many people care for them with God’s heart.
To establish NES and to operate this school, we will need approximately USD 360,000 for next year.
We are seeking partners who will join in this project. 
To raise the first seed money(USD 90,000) for Quarter 1 of 2021, 
we are launching a fundraising campaign now.
The funds we are raising now will be spent on accommodations for missionaries who will be the teacher of NES, the dormitory for NK refugees who live in other cities, scholarships, and school operation costs
Please join us in this rebuild project.
We can build up God’s kingdom in North Korea together through your heartfelt devotion and truthful contribution.
I appreciate your faithful prayers and supports.
Missionary Kenneth Bae 
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