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Please partner with us to rebuild the next gen of NK refugees th

N letter, vol 10
July 29, 2021

Greetings to all faithful supporters!
Despite the heatwave and rainy season, the 2021 NES (Nehemiah English School) summer semester are progressing well. We thank the encouragement and prayers of the supporters and teachers, students, and fellow workers who teach and learn devotedly. NGI is currently offering seven different English classes for approximately 30 students.
We hope that every other Saturday, through NEC (Nehemiah English Club), will be a time to share our daily lives and build a warm community of the Lord.
Summer Discipleship School will begin during the first week of August. The NERC (Nehemiah English Unification Camp), hosted every year in Jeju Island, cannot be offered due to the COVID-19. Therefore, this year, NGI wants to host a student training program to comply with the government's quarantine rules.
NGI will offer summer English Bible School for elementary school children and their parents, as well as spiritual training programs for young people and college students. We sincerely hope that all participants will become faithful kingdom builders in the era of unification.
The 2021 Summer Disciple Training School has prepared "disciple training, worship, parent seminars, and special lectures" under the theme of "Only Jesus." We and live, desperately want to share the gospel with the children and parents of North Korean refugees participants during this time. We hope that parents of North Korean refugees will come to know God and that the gospel will flow into their children as spiritual lifesavers.
For young people and college students, the Discipleship Training School offers seminars from experienced instructors such as Jinseon Shin, a producer, and Coach Namsu Kim from Samsung Electronics to encourages them to discover God’s vision.
Please give NGI (Nehemiah Global Initiative) ministry your continued attention and prayers so we can continue our work even in the hot summer.

They need your encouragement, comfort, and support.
Among the 34,000 North Korean refugees in South Korea, 40 percent are teenagers and young adults who risked their lives to escape in search of freedom and happiness. These unstable and vulnerable refugees are living through various difficulties that we have not experienced and are unaware of.
By escaping from North Korea, they lost their beloved families and hometowns. However, they are preparing for the future with new hopes and visions.

All attendees of the Nehemiah English Unification Camp experienced God's love.
Would you please support us to equip them spiritually so that the love of God will be planted in them again this summer?
We hope we can work together to grow to become beloved children of God and children who can cherish lost souls.
Your genuine encouragement and support are the seeds of great fruits for North Korean refugees' future.
We urgently and earnestly request your financial support for this ministry: Summer English School, Discipleship School, and English Summer Bible School for Elementary School Children.
Nehemiah Global Initiative(NGI)
[email protected]
3F, Sinwol-ro341, Yangcheon-gu 02-363-8488
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